Tracy Steen

Tracy Steen

Certified Personal Trainer
Move Daily Fitness

Tracy Steen, MACP, was as a clinical therapist before becoming a personal trainer in 2008. She feels her psychological expertise helps her clients reach their full potential. Tracy has presented at many conferences including Kelowna Tourism Wellness Workshops, CLAC’s Stewards Conference, and 2020’s SafetyDriven Speaker Series.

Tracy Steen’s online presence is growing, with 30,000 YouTube subscribers. She provides workouts, nutrition, and wellness guidance and more intense accountability programs for growth in fitness and health and safety. Her goals are to help people move daily and sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul.

Health & Fitness Breaks

HEALTH BREAK:  Boost Your Energy
HEALTH BREAK:  Resistance Mini Band Workout

If nothing else, we all need to move daily! Moving daily in your fitness, wellness, and nutrition can substantially improve your life and reduce the risk of injury, regardless of whether you spend most of your time sitting at the wheel or at the keyboard. Managers, supervisors, safety coordinators—everyone needs to get up and get moving to be their best.

Tracy Steen will guide participants of SafetyDriven’s Speaker Series through two sessions; the first is a five-minute Boost your Energy workout to show you how to reduce fatigue and feel energized when you have been sitting at your desk or driving a truck all day.

The second session is a five-minute Resistance Mini Band Workout that will help you lift heavy objects like truck tire chains or moving boxes and perform repetitive actions like strapping or cranking. 

These sessions will drive home the importance of incorporating exercise, not just for its physical benefits, but for its psychological and personal safety benefits as well—all things that contribute to workplace safety and good health.