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Join us for a series of FREE webinars. We’re hosting short (45 – 60 min), live webinars that will be informative, educational and fun. The webinars will stay on the SafetyDriven website so you can watch them easily later on.

If you’ve never attended a webinar—don’t worry. We keep it simple! Register to save your space and we’ll send you the link to join us. During our webinars, you’ll be able to see the speakers, but you won’t see or hear the other people attending. You’ll be able to ask questions easily using the Q&A feature in Zoom (Don’t worry—you can stay anonymous if you want).

Our collection of safety resources keeps growing—check back often for new topics and more webinars.


Upcoming Events

Past Webinars

Building Your Safety Program
In this one-hour webinar, two of SafetyDriven’s Occupational Health and Safety Advisors will present an overview of an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program. Learn about the benefits of having a Safety Program, and how SafetyDriven can help you build your own.
Mental Health – A Man’s Perspective
In this hour-long webinar, two speakers—both mental health advocates—will provide insight into mental health issues, personally from the trucking industry and professionally from the medical community.