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Why COR?

By demonstrating they are meeting an independently audited standard, companies can provide a safer working environment and enjoy more business opportunities, less operational risk,
and recurring financial benefits.

COR Benefits:

Qualified to tender for contracts that require it
Lower WorkSafeBC premiums
A safer, healthier workplace
WorkSafeBC premium rebates of up to 10%

COR-Certified Companies

What is COR?

The Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)

COR is awarded to employers who implement and maintain an occupational health and safety management system that meets or exceeds the requirements for COR Certification.

SafetyDriven's programs provide guidance on how to create an efficient operation that meets the safety standards for a COR audit.

Who Should Get COR?

Reduce the risk of loss, damage or operational stoppage
Owner Operator



Small Employer



Large Employer



COR is for every company concerned with minimizing risk to their operations and financial viability. It is not confined to safety but also provides best practices for an efficient operation.
COR is also useful for owner operators who do not have a safety background or dedicated specialists on staff.

Register for COR

Free registration with no binding commitment

Registration lets us know you are interested in achieving a certification of recognition and allows us to see how we can help you succeed. We build on what you are doing and help make it better by tailoring it to your operation and your policies and procedures.

SafetyDriven will show you how to create a methodology acceptable to an audit as well as proper reporting.

COR Audits

Earning your Certificate of Recognition

The audit confirms that there is a comprehensive health and safety program implemented and functioning to ensure workers and workplaces are safe and secure from injury, illness, and disease. This is accomplished through identifying, assessing, and controlling risks of workers in all workplaces. The scope and complexity varies according to the type of workplace and the nature of the business.

COR Manual

Learn about the procedures and policies of COR in the Certificate of Recognition Policy & Procedure Manual

View The Manual