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What is the difference between National Safety Code (NSC) and Occupational Health & Safety OHS?


The National Safety Code (NSC) is a set of safety standards for motor carriers, drivers, and vehicles operating in Canada.

Workplace and worksite safety for all employees, customers and visitors is regulated by the OHS. We can help you ensure you are living up to all relevant legislative requirements.


How do I report a hazard and whom do I talk to?


There are two things you can do to ensure the hazard is reported to the Joint Health & Safety Committee;

  • Report it to your supervisor who should report it to JHSC
  • Report it to JHSC directly

What kind of information and training do you provide for workers about the OHS Program?


SafetyDriven provides safety information and training through:

  • Safety Carnivals
  • Answering worker’ questions while on site
  • Pop Up Shops
  • Owner/Operator COR training program
  • 3-fold cards and safety handouts
  • Workplace posters

Why does management make me wear steel toe boots in the warehouse when I am an office worker?


Federal and provincial laws require employers to provide a safe workplace for employees and visitors. To comply with the law, employers must create safety policies to protect their employees and therefore require the wearing Personal Protective Equipment wherever it is necessary and irrespective of the person’s primary responsibilities.

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