Theo Heineman

Theo’s life mission is to help leaders drive organizational performance through optimizing the health and safety of their people.
With over 20 years experience in Occupational Safety and Health, Theo is widely recognized as a leader and expert in business, entrepreneurship, and Safety Management Systems. She is an international speaker and trainer in the areas of workplace safety management systems, change management, and human performance having worked across Canada, the USA, and the UK. Among Theo’s many awards include Entrepreneur of the Year and Canadian Safety Leader of the Year finalist.

Tami Perkins

As an ergonomist with WorkSafeBC, Tami Perkins visits workplaces to conduct risk assessments and educate employers and workers on how to prevent injuries. By examining the design and layout of the workplace, tools and equipment, workflow, and environment, she determines how these elements affect work performance and how they may impact workplace safety.

As Tami will explain, the goal of ergonomics is to optimize system performance, improve personal safety, and reduce the risk for injury. It’s all about designing a work task to fit the worker, making the work safer and more efficient.

Paul Krismer

Safety and Positive Psychology Expert Paul Krismer has a mission to drive personal and corporate success to new heights. His passion for workplace safety led him to a career in Safety and Disability Management for more than 20 years.

Within a workers’ compensation system, Paul excelled in multi-faceted senior management roles. Early in his career, he spearheaded a reform of underwriting systems at WorkSafeBC, resulting in a pricing model that directly reflects safety outcomes.

Paul Krismer has led groups of more than 200 professional disability management staff. As an Executive Account Manager and team lead, Paul served as a consultant to high-risk employers and industries, conducting risk assessments and introducing innovative and powerful interventions. Few leaders have the level or variety of experience in the field of worker compensation as Paul.

In addition to his speaking, coaching and consulting, Paul is the best-selling author of Whole Person Happiness: How to be Well in Body, Mind and Spirit. As a teacher of cutting-edge positive psychology, he is truly the “happiness expert.”

Jag Dhatt

Jag’s passion for trucks and the automotive world was present from an early age when he watched and helped his dad tinker with the family car. After high school, Jag attended UBC and the University of Oregon, attaining a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Design. After teaching at the high school level for over 10 years, Jag moved into private enterprise. In 2010, he joined JGK Media Inc, becoming Senior Vice-President and Partner in 2014. In addition to handling all corporate accounts, Jag is the editor-in-chief of Desi Trucking Magazine, Rack & Opinion, and South-Asian Fleet & Owner Magazine.

Tracy Steen

Tracy Steen, MACP, spent many years as a clinical therapist before starting her journey toward becoming a personal trainer in 2008. She believes her expertise in the psychological arena will serve her clients better in reaching their full potential.


Tracy has been a guest presenter at numerous conferences including Kelowna Tourism Wellness Workshops, and CLAC’s Stewards Conference.


Tracy’s online presence is starting to grow—she recently reached 30,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel where she provides free weekly workouts, nutrition, and wellness guidance to her followers and offers more intense online accountability programs for growth in fitness, wellness, and nutrition. Her goals as a personal trainer are to help people find a way to move daily and to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul.

David Coletto

David Coletto, PhD, BPAPM, MA, is CEO and a founding partner of Abacus Data, a full-service market research and strategy firm based in Ottawa. With over a decade of experience in the industry, David and his partners founded Abacus over eight years ago, and since then it has grown into one of Canada’s most respected market research firms.

David has worked with a range of organizations across Canada. He’s also one of Canada’s leading experts on generational change and millennials. He is regularly invited to speak to groups across Canada.

He’s a foodie, a gentle explorer, and a political junkie who loves exploring why people think and act they way they do.

Norm Ralph

Norm Ralph, CRSP, CHSC, CDMP, has over 30 years experience in Occupational Health and Safety. Throughout his career, Norm has worked for large organizations in several industries.

His own company, Apex Abilities, provides education, training, and consulting services through customized Occupational Health and Safety programs and Occupational Wellness programs.

Norm has been a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) for nearly 30 years. He has served two terms as Chair of the CSSE’s local chapter and sat on numerous committees and working groups in the pursuit of OHS in the workplace.

Mike Harnett

Mike Harnett is President of Solaris Fatigue Management, a consulting firm that specializes in optimizing worker health, safety, and performance. An award-winning speaker, Mike is regarded as a subject matter expert on the science of fatigue and its impact on performance. She has been a consultant to various government agencies including the Canadian Standards Association, and NASA.

Mike is currently guiding various regulatory, labour, and safety associations in developing fatigue risk management plans. She also assists private industry, including trucking and mining.

Mike is recognized for her ability to simplify complex subjects, like driver fatigue, and deliver their content in an innovative manner for all audiences.

Dave Earle

The BC Trucking Association is a provincial, non-partisan, non-profit motor carrier association created to advance the interests of BC motor carriers—interests that include commercial vehicle safety. As its President and Chief Executive Officer, Dave Earle is responsible for overseeing the association’s management and direction. He also promotes and advocates its members’ interests as well as the trucking industry to governments, the business community, and the public.

Dave Earle is on the executive board of the Canadian Trucking Alliance and Policy Development Committee, where he works to advance progressive federal trucking safety standards. He is also the secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council, which was formed as a focal point to encourage the discussion needed to improve hoisting and rigging safety standards across Canada.

Dave’s provincial roles include past president of the Employer’s Forum and chair of the Policy Committee, representing the business community’s interests to advance occupational health and safety standards. He is the vice-chair of SkillPlan, a nationally recognized leader in workforce development governed jointly by building trade unions and business. Dave is also a Management Committee member on SafetyDriven’s Board of Directors.