What is the Certificate of Recognition or COR?
What is SafetyDriven – TSCBC, and what is its role in the COR program?
What is a certifying partner?
What other industries are involved in the COR program?
How do I qualify for the COR program?
How much does COR cost?
Is COR mandatory?
How do I register for COR?
How long will it take us to get COR?
How do I register for the Internal Auditor Course?
How long is the Internal Auditor Course?
Is a Large Employer Internal Auditor allowed to perform a certification audit?
For a Large or Small Employer, can failing a maintenance audit cause a company to lose COR?
For a Large Employer, what activities must a pre-audit include?
What is an audit?
What if I don’t pass my external audit?
If I don’t pass, how long must I wait before I can apply again?
How long is my certification valid after successfully completing an audit?
What is the quality assurance process?
Can I do internal maintenance audits for a company if I don’t work for that company?
How is the COR rebate calculated?
Are there any circumstances in which I would not be eligible for a rebate after successfully completing a cor audit?
Will I receive a rebate for each year that I successfully maintain my COR certification?
When will I receive my COR rebate?
One of our clients requires an Alberta COR to work for them. Our COR is for BC. Can we hold a COR in both provinces? What are our options?
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