Dave Earle

1:15 PM - 1:45 PM PACIFIC

Dave Earle

President and CEO
BC Trucking Association

The BC Trucking Association promotes BC motor carriers and commercial vehicle safety. As its President and CEO, Dave Earle oversees the association’s management and direction. He also advocates for its members and the trucking industry. 

Dave’s past work has included helping the business community advance occupational health and safety standards. Dave Earle’s work on executive boards includes advancing progressive federal trucking safety standards. He is the secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council, vice-chair of SkillPlan, and a Management Committee member on SafetyDriven’s Board of Directors.

Safe & Sustainable Trucking – the Smart Way

Building sustainable business strategies involves more than focusing on profits. In order to improve recruitment and retention, the industry must use a values-driven approach that supports the overall health and safety of employees. Incorporating sustainable and safe practices into your business model can be transformational for your company’s success. 

In this session, Dave will discuss factors to consider to not only improve commercial vehicle safety but also how a sustainable approach to business often boosts performance. All management, operations, and leadership activities impact your safety and sustainability goals. For example, does your company support work-life balance?

Sustainability does not mean sacrificing profits– find out how being purpose-driven attracts a motivated and skilled workforce that drives financial success.