Paul Krismer

10:15AM - 10:45AM PACIFIC

Paul Krismer

Safety and Positive Psychology Expert

Safety and Positive Psychology Expert Paul Krismer has a mission to drive personal and corporate success to new heights. His passion for workplace safety led him to a career in Safety and Disability Management for more than 20 years.

Within a workers’ compensation system, Paul excelled in multi-faceted senior management roles. Early in his career, he spearheaded a reform of underwriting systems at WorkSafeBC, resulting in a pricing model that directly reflects safety outcomes.

Paul Krismer has led groups of more than 200 professional disability management staff. As an Executive Account Manager and team lead, Paul served as a consultant to high-risk employers and industries, conducting risk assessments and introducing innovative and powerful interventions. Few leaders have the level or variety of experience in the field of worker compensation as Paul.

In addition to his speaking, coaching and consulting, Paul is the best-selling author of Whole Person Happiness: How to be Well in Body, Mind and Spirit. As a teacher of cutting-edge positive psychology, he is truly the “happiness expert.”

Safety and Positive Psychology Expert | Paul Krismer Engagement Expert

Paul Krismer will deliver an inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology. You will learn about the research that proves happiness leads to greater safety success. You’ll gain skills that you can apply to your own engagement with your safety resources and programs and to becoming a model for the people you influence.

In this session, Paul draws on his over 20 years experience in safety. He explains how workplace buy-in among employees can often be achieved through simple, consistent actions that are part of creating a positive safety culture.

The field of positive psychology research has expanded how well we understand human potential. We now know that happiness contributes to success in all aspects of life. Anyone can increase their level of happiness by using skills recognized by science, leading to positive culture change, reduced injury rates, and less disability.

Participants will learn practical tools to apply right away, as well as 21st Century Leadership qualities such as how to win hearts and minds, aligning vision and action, leading by example, and how to drive attention to what matters.