Tami Perkins

11:15AM - 11:35AM PACIFIC

Tami Perkins


As an ergonomist with WorkSafeBC, Tami Perkins visits workplaces to conduct risk assessments and educate employers and workers on how to prevent injuries. By examining the design and layout of the workplace, tools and equipment, workflow, and environment, she determines how these elements affect work performance and how they may impact workplace safety.

As Tami will explain, the goal of ergonomics is to optimize system performance, improve personal safety, and reduce the risk for injury. It’s all about designing a work task to fit the worker, making the work safer and more efficient.

Change your Set-Up: Encouraging the Best Fit for a Changing Workplace

Ergonomics is an applied science that fits the job to the worker, whether that individual works in an office or a vehicle. In this session of SafetyDriven’s Speaker Series, Tami Perkins will discuss occupational health and safety and ways to address risks due to poor ergonomics.  She will also examine the impact of the work environment on personal safety and show you how to re-organize your workspace to reduce the risk of injury.

Commercial vehicle drivers who sit for extended hours and workers who manually move heavy objects are familiar with the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.  Tami’s safety talk will explore ways to prevent such injuries.

Benefits of improving the fit between the worker and their system of work includes improved workplace safety, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced error, increased job satisfaction and morale, and improved overall safety culture.