Safe work procedures matter. Following them protects yourself and others.

Safe work procedures (SWPs) are a written series of steps to guide you so you can perform a task safely and protect yourself from known hazards. They are generally written by your employer or your organization’s Joint Health and Safety Committee and are specific to your operation. Employers in BC are required to provide them; they should be posted around the workplace, found in your safety manual and everyone should be familiar with them.

In the trucking and moving and storage industry, SWPs cover procedures such as driving, backing up safely, backing with a spotter, chaining up, coupling and uncoupling a tractor trailer, fuelling, guiding and spotting, loading and unloading, tarping, manual material handling, opening trailer doors, transporting dangerous goods, and vehicle breakdown.

Contact one of SafetyDriven’s Safety Advisors to assist you with building your safety program, including safe work procedures, policies and more! To get you started, register for our upcoming webinar on How to Build a Safety Program.

Among the many useful resources SafetyDriven provides to help you work safely are some simple reminders of safe work procedures, such as posters and videos.

Vehicle Breakdown
Chaining Up
Manual Material Handling
Preventing Falls While Loading and Unloading
Site Safety

Ground Guiding and Spotting
Installing Winter Tire Chains
Flatbed Tarping
The Bolo Method of Tossing Cargo Tie-Down Straps
Delivery Truck Driver Safety
Long-Haul Truck Driver Safety

SafetyDriven also hosts a series of 45–60-minute webinars that address the concerns of people in the trucking and moving and storage industry. They’ll remain on the website after the initial broadcast so you can watch at your convenience.

As always, don’t forget to stop, think, then act as you do your job.

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