Chaining Up: Seasonal Driving Tips for Commercial Vehicles is a free poster you can download from SafetyDriven for clear and concise instructions for how to put snow chains on tires. Knowing how to chain-up properly is an essential skill for winter driving through the mountains; this poster will guide you through the basic steps, tools and precautions to chain up safely.

Remember that snow chains are required between October 1 and April 30 for trucks and vehicle combinations over 11,794 kg licensed GVW. Don’t be caught unprepared when you see the chain-up signs on the highway. Before you hit the snowy roads, follow the safety tips in the poster, from the hazards to consider to the personal protective equipment (PPE) you’ll need, to making sure your chains are the right ones for your tires.

The instructions are set out in distinct steps that tell you how to install, secure, and double-check your chains. And it’s illustrated with clear photos of an experienced professional driver demonstrating each step as he puts snow chains on truck tires.

This poster is one of the many free resources offered online by SafetyDriven.

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