Effective Fatigue Management for Truck Drivers and Office Workers

This 10-minute video by Tracy Steen, owner of Move Daily Fitness, contains tips on fatigue management for truck drivers and office workers as part of Safety Driven’s Speaker Series. These helpful health tips for truckers cover a range of topics, including the importance of having a profound reason for moving daily. Listen to Tracy as she motivates you to develop good habits for truckers to reduce fatigue. She explains the importance of cardiovascular exercise to decrease inflammation, improve heart health, and increase our brain derived neurotrophic factor.  Learn about the importance of resistance training, as well as walking and stretching.

Who is Tracy Steen?

Tracy Steen is a clinical therapist and personal trainer, and provides free weekly workouts, nutrition, and wellness guidance to her 30,000 YouTube subscribers. She has an important message about the health issues that come from being sedentary, whether you’re sitting behind a wheel or a desk. Staying healthy requires moving daily to increase circulation and get the heart rate up. It does not have to be a huge commitment to go to the gym every day and it necessarily does not take a bunch of expensive equipment to stay active and achieve your fitness goals.

These fitness tips for truckers will help you to avoid driver fatigue with daily movement, and can help you achieve the following:

  • stay healthy and strong
  • decrease inflammation in your body
  • boost heart health
  • improve brain function
  • reduce stress
  • maintain a healthy weight

Ask yourself, “What have I done to move today?” and move along with Tracy’s 10-minute workouts for truck drivers and office workers.

Fatigue management is an important element for the well being of truck drivers and office workers. Staying active and healthy is imperative for all employees in the trucking industry, given the amount of stress and workload they encounter on a regular basis. Check out other useful resources from Safety Driven for roadside and driving assistance.

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