Eyes Wide Shut: We Don’t Have a Fatigue Problem

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Mike Harnett wakes up the crowd in Eyes Wide Shut, focusing on tactical strategies to combat fatigue at the front lines.

Fatigue is a chameleon. It disguises itself as a rule violation, a lapse of attention, non-compliance to occupational health and safety, or more often, human error. It affects everyone. Truck drivers, in particular, must be on guard. In BC, on average, driver fatigue kills nine people and injures 620 in 850 crashes each year.

Organizations, including trucking companies, deal with the consequences of fatigue-related incidents on a regular basis and may not even know the extent of it. It is time to open our eyes to see how fatigue lurks not only in our workers, but hidden in the design and management of our work system. This session will focus on tactical strategies to combat fatigue that can be implemented by drivers and workers.

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