Mental Health, Well-being Decline Amid COVID-19: Survey

Author: Jim Wilson

Canadians saw a decline in mental health and well-being in March related to COVID-19, according to a survey.

In comparing against a benchmark score of 50, which indicates no change from the prior month, Canada’s mental stress change score increased to 74.7, found Morneau Shepell.

“As Canada nears its peak in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, we’re also facing a pivotal moment in addressing the anxieties that individuals are facing as a result of the virus’ impact on their daily lives,” says Stephen Liptrap, president and CEO. “Providing targeted, informed support that specifically addresses the anxieties individuals are facing is critical, especially in challenging times.”

Within the country, mental stress change scores – all against the benchmark score of 50 – increased in Newfoundland and Labrador (82.1), Alberta (77.5), Manitoba (77.4), the Maritime provinces (76.6), Saskatchewan (75.3), British Columbia (74.7), Ontario (75.5) and Quebec (72.1).

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