Speaker Series on Health & Safety Changes, Challenges & Champions

Date: October 27, 2021
Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: FREE

Event Description

Transportation companies of all sizes face health and safety challenges. This year’s Speaker Series examined those challenges and focus on managing change in a positive way.
Discover how to apply positive emotions to champion excellence at the personal and corporate levels. Build your leadership and resilience to overcome challenges. Learn from leaders in the trucking industry as they discuss how to adapt your workspace to improve safety and efficiency. Hear about the changes that are revolutionizing commercial transportation.

Highlights include:

Employee Engagement Speaker, Safety and Positive Psychology Expert
Powerful Safety Cultures in the Mature Economy provided a practical look at the science of positive psychology and how happiness leads to greater safety success.

Ergonomist, WorkSafeBC
Change Your Set-Up: Encouraging the Best Fit for a Changing Workplace showed you how to re-organize your workspace to reduce the risk of injury.

President & CEO, BC Trucking Association
Changes in the Trucking Industry discussed how technology is driving the commercial transportation industry into the future.

Between speakers, Tracy Steen, Certified Personal Trainer from Move Daily Fitness, stretched you into shape.


Speakers & Sessions

Tracy Steen
Certified Personal Trainer
Move Daily Fitness

Tracy Steen, MACP, spent many years as a clinical therapist before starting her journey toward becoming a personal trainer in 2008. She believes her expertise in the psychological arena will serve her clients better in reaching their full potential.

Watch Tracy’s videos on how to get your moving. These sessions will drive home the importance of incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

Movement for Truck Drivers
Office Movement
Motivational Talk

Paul Krismer
Safety and Positive Psychology Expert

Paul Krismer will deliver an inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology. You will learn about the research that proves happiness leads to greater safety success. You’ll gain skills that you can apply to your own engagement with your safety resources and programs and to becoming a model for the people you influence.

In this session, Paul draws on his over 20 years experience in safety. He explains how workplace buy-in among employees can often be achieved through simple, consistent actions that are part of creating a positive safety culture.

The field of positive psychology research has expanded how well we understand human potential. We now know that happiness contributes to success in all aspects of life. Anyone can increase their level of happiness by using skills recognized by science, leading to positive culture change, reduced injury rates, and less disability.

Participants will learn practical tools to apply right away, as well as 21st Century Leadership qualities such as how to win hearts and minds, aligning vision and action, leading by example, and how to drive attention to what matters.

Tami Perkins

Ergonomics is an applied science that fits the job to the worker, whether that individual works in an office or a vehicle. In this session of SafetyDriven’s Speaker Series, Tami Perkins will discuss occupational health and safety and ways to address risks due to poor ergonomics.  She will also examine the impact of the work environment on personal safety and show you how to re-organize your workspace to reduce the risk of injury.

Commercial vehicle drivers who sit for extended hours and workers who manually move heavy objects are familiar with the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.  Tami’s safety talk will explore ways to prevent such injuries.

Benefits of improving the fit between the worker and their system of work includes improved workplace safety, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced error, increased job satisfaction and morale, and improved overall safety culture.