FAQs – Legislation and Rights

If it is legal to use a hands free device while driving why does my company forbid their use?
I have heard people refer to a “General Duty Clause” in the regulations. What does that mean and where is it found.
I don’t haul dangerous goods so why do I have to have an emergency plan?
The Canada Labour Code Part II wants me to inspect all parts of my operation annually. Does that include pick-up and delivery points?
Everyone says that it’s in the regulation that a truck must be chocked before loading and unloading may occur but I can’t find it.
Does SafetyDriven - TSCBC enforce any of the rules in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation or National Safety Code?
What jurisdiction and regulation do I follow?
How do I know if my Health and Safety Program is compliant with legislation?
What training and certifications are required to meet legislative requirements?
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