External Auditors

Auditors make an important contribution to the functioning of the COR program by conducting the audit, providing an informed, systematically constructed perspective on the quality and effectiveness of an employer’s health and safety management system and injury management/return-to-work system.

An External COR Auditor is a health and safety professional qualified to assess the health and safety and return to work management system of a large company (20+ employees). They are trained and approved by the SafetyDriven – TSCBC to conduct qualifying COR audits.

Apply to become an External Auditor

Email your application to COR@safetydriven.ca

Andrew Chan, Magga Safety Consulting
Bill Dykstra, WC SafetyFirstBC
Bill Laturnus, Laturnus Consulting
Dean Sinclair, DCS Consulting Ltd.
Gurdev Singh, Right 4U Safety Consulting Inc.
Jamie Davies, EHS Consulting Inc.
John Dunn, JhD Consulting Inc.
John Foster, COR Auditor
Lisa Banner BSc. RPF, Banner Safety Consulting
Mark Gage, ISO Metrix Inc.
Mark Holford, Envirochem Services Inc.
Martin Ridgway, Ridgway Safety
Michael (Mike) Sexton
Neil Allen, Envirochem Services Inc.
Tony Di Nino, Envirochem Services Inc.
Tyler Bartels, TB Industrial Safety Resources
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