Featured Driver Winner

Peter Kandola

F&G Delivery

Peter has worked for F&G for the past 32 years. His dedication, commitment to the industry professionalism and safety consciousness are exemplary. The Safety and Compliance Manager at F&G, who has have served with Peter on the F&G Safety Committee (FGSC) for the past two years, notes that Peter’s experience, insight, and example have been priceless in helping shape F&G’s safety culture. All of their efforts paid off last year when F&G received their COR certification. Peter continues to be a great help in creating, communicating, and promoting safety policies and procedures, and will continue to be a help for many years to come. One of Peter’s nominators commented that he can back a 53-foot trailer around a corner in one shot. They don’t make truckers like him anymore! From F&G—thank you, Peter!