What is Natural Alignment

Topic: COR

How compensation insurance is calculated.

There are many industries in BC. Within each industry, there are myriad companies doing many different types of work.

Workers’ compensation insurance is provided for all of these employees by WorkSafeBC. In order to provide compensation insurance in a fair and equitable manner, WorkSafeBC assigns employers into Classification Units (CU’s). To delve deeper into classification see here.

For the purpose of COR, WorkSafeBC divides up and assigns CU’s to specific certifying partners. Each Certifying Partner has a list of contracted CU’s and a list of naturally aligned CU’s.

SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC has two contracted CU’s: 732019 – General Trucking and 732030 – Moving and Storage. If your company is in either of those CU’s you are assigned to us; we are your certifying partner.

SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC also has 38 naturally aligned CU’s. I won’t list them here, but many are what the name suggests – naturally aligned with trucking and the trucking industry.

See here for a complete list of classification units and corresponding certifying partners. If you follow the link and scroll down to the list, you’ll see that some CU’s are naturally aligned to two or more certifying partners. In that case, a company can choose the certifying partner, and corresponding COR audit, with the best fit for their business and the work they do.

There are some exceptions though. Sometimes a company is in a CU that isn’t aligned/assigned to a certifying partner. Other times an employer might have a legitimate business reason to be aligned with a certifying partner other than the WorkSafeBC assigned certifying partner. For details regarding how these exceptions are dealt with, please see page two at this link.

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