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All National Safety Code employers must have a driver’s abstract onboard prior to offering any employment for National Safety Code (NSC) duties (driving an NSC compliant vehicle – over 5,000 kgs, or a bus or public transportation vehicle). The employer is further required to obtain a new abstract from each employee every 12 months for the duration of their employment with the company.

There are two (2) types of abstracts available. They are:

• “P” print, which is a 5-year search for drivers who do not operate commercial or NSC compliant vehicles.

• “N” print, which is the NSC required abstract for the drivers.

The “N” print does not contain the driver’s personal information such as their address or details that are not important for the abstract. The “N” print does, however, contain all Motor Vehicle and Regulations violations as well as Commercial Transport Act and regulations violations. This includes any violations such as Overweight or Improper Equipment for the vehicle.

The “N” print of the abstract contains several columns but one of the more important columns is located on the far right of the form – the NSC Violations column. This column indicates whether the violation occurred in an NSC compliant vehicle. If this is the case, the driver must submit the violation notice to their employer within 15 days maximum. Most companies require submission to them within 24 or 48 hours so that the ticket is submitted and paid well in advance of the 15-day limit to keep the company in good standing with Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement.

Drivers must understand that all traffic violations, from 24-hour prohibitions to speeding, are recorded on the drivers’ abstracts and as a result can reflect poorly on the Carrier’s National Safety Code Carrier Profile. If a driver’s right to drive has been suspended for even 24 hours, it is imperative that the driver notifies the employer (the Carrier) immediately as operation of any NSC vehicle while prohibited is a serious violation. Employers are required to review each driver’s abstract annually and consequently, any suspensions or prohibitions will be posted on the driver’s abstract. If a driver operates an NSC vehicle while prohibited, the employer will usually dismiss the driver due to the serious nature of this offence.

Drivers can obtain a copy of both abstracts and the ICBC claims history on The download procedure is easy and fast. Some employers are now requesting an ICBC claims history as part of the hiring process in addition to ongoing compliance of the National Safety Code.

It is up to you, the Professional Driver, to maintain a clean driver’s abstract and comply will all the rules of the road. This can only be accomplished by operating all vehicles responsibly.

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To register for a National Safety Code course, visit BC Trucking Association’s training page.

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