Stay positive when conditions change

After a long winter, don’t let spring fever get the better of you on the road!

Being free of snow and icy roads is a blessing—better road conditions mean one less thing to worry about. But milder weather also means more road users, some having stayed off the roads because of the poor winter conditions who now venture out with rusty skills. Every season has its own stress and frustrations; enjoy the warm weather but stay cool when it comes to dealing with the changes that come with spring.

Don’t forget that spring brings out pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicycles, too. Adjusting your travel time to allow for extra traffic can help you keep calm and carry on.

More people on the roads aren’t the only change in spring. There are also new potholes to deal with, affecting your drive and risking damage to your vehicle. Deep potholes—especially the ones that can swallow a VW Beetle—can be deadly for any vehicle, including your big rig. Protect your suspension, alignment, steering control, tires, rims, wallet, and schedule by steering clear.

You can’t control what’s happening on the road or what others are doing; you can only control your own reactions. Getting annoyed or frustrated won’t change anything except your blood pressure and your focus. Control what you can and let the rest go.

If watching out for the other guy gets your goat, try some calming techniques.

• Ensure you get plenty of sleep
• Be physically active
• Work on your coping skills (deep breathing, counting to 10)
• Connect with others, especially optimistic people and avoid pessimistic people
• Create work-life balance

Too much work, especially long daily hours, can build stress and frustration in anyone. We need downtime to keep our mood up and stay healthy. A positive attitude is an important part of your work life. Self-care matters.

Reaching your destination safely is your most important goal as a commercial driver. Don’t let road rage get in your way.

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