Advertising on the side of the truck is a double-edged sword, it’s up to the driver.

In the world of advertising and social media, everyone seems to know a lot about everything. We tend to recognize many different products on the market more now than ever before. When it comes to commercial vehicles, advertising is directly on the side of the vehicle and that can either promote the company or tarnish their reputation. It becomes a win-win situation if it promotes the company in a positive way, and that’s something we all want. However, it starts with the drivers.

Commercial drivers are in the public spotlight as many people within the community will recognize their vehicle and trailer from day to day. Their signage serves as advertising to help generate business for the company they work for and who they represent. It’s like driving a billboard. However, if done incorrectly, it can also reduce generating any future customers from using that company.

Having regular driver meetings to help keep all the drivers on the same page is important. It’s not just about reprimanding those who have broken the rules; it’s also about rewarding those who have followed them and helped grow the company. The company grows by more than the sales team. It grows by how the company is perceived by the general public by how the drivers act on the roads and with current customers. Drivers are the “front line” people and need to remember that each and every day. They also need constant support in order to do that.

It’s important to remind each of the drivers that they are the company. What they do and say can help make the company grow. To say they act professionally is not the same as doing it. Remind the drivers that carrying themselves professionally is not only about how they and their vehicle looks, it’s also about the way they conduct themselves in and out of their vehicle and their driving behaviour. Having a positive outlook with the company means they have a clear mind to help them stay focused on the driving task. Being frustrated may mean they become distracted behind the wheel, and no one wants that.

During driver meetings, remind the drivers that they should think of their job similar to driving a billboard. Each of the drivers are driving the company brand, which is something they can be proud of. Communicating this message to each of the drivers on a regular basis helps to improve morale and motivation. One thing to remember is that motivation is an inside job. No one can motivate anyone else. What they can do is provide the facts in a positive format and let the drivers begin their own motivation to do the best job possible.

Providing a follow-up is also important. When any of the drivers need help and support, provide a follow-up with them to know they have support from management to help them achieve their goals. It helps to drive the brand even more. Driving professionally is more than getting paid for a day’s work. It’s more than about following all the rules of the road and the rules of the company. It’s about being part of a team that shows support on and off the road. It’s what driving the brand is really all about.

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