SafetyDriven is for Moving and Storage, Too!

You may know SafetyDriven as a one-stop shop for trucking safety information and resources. And yes, “Trucking Safety Council of BC” is part of our official name. But proud as we are to serve the commercial trucking industry, we are much more than that.

For moving and storage companies, we offer services and resources ranging from our Certificate of Recognition (COR) program to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) courses. We have forms, templates, videos, posters, and blogs related to the health and safety challenges of moving and storage professionals.

Our COR program, for example, is for any company, large or small, that wants to reap the benefits of committing to a strong health and safety management program. The financial benefits of having COR may include WorkSafeBC premium rebates and better cost controls for your company. Having COR also shows that your company prioritizes health and safety, which can attract quality employees and engage today’s socially-conscious clients. COR registration is simple and free, and we will tailor your COR program specifically to your needs.

In today’s world of social media, blogs are a popular source of up-to-the-minute information. SafetyDriven publishes blogs every week on topics of interest to moving and storage workers, for example:

Manual material handling or MMH is a big part of moving and storage. Unfortunately, over 60% of work-related injuries to drivers in this industry stem from MMH. SafetyDriven provides dozens of resources on this important subject to inform company owners and managers and to educate workers. Our MMH videos include:

All these MMH resources and many more are available via SafetyDriven’s Manual Material Handling page. Employers will find a number of them conveniently bundled in our MMH Employer Resource Toolkit, also accessed through the MMH page.

Work in warehouses can be a big part of moving and storage, and we have resources specifically covering warehouse safety, including:

Moving and storage is a challenging, high-pressure business. Let us help you keep everyone in your company safer.

We welcome suggestions on which moving and storage resources or topics you’d like to see added or covered in more depth on our website. Email with your ideas.

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