SafetyDriven Announces 2023 Industry Award Winners

SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC (TSCBC) proudly held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Langley on June 20. The event celebrated the outstanding health and safety achievements of top-performing employers in the trucking, moving, and storage industries. Awards were presented to companies with exceptional performance in their first Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit, as well as to those demonstrating exemplary safety leadership.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program acknowledges and rewards employers who establish and maintain an occupational health and safety management system that meets or surpasses COR certification standards. By adhering to best practices for efficient and safe operations, COR helps companies reduce risks to their employees, operations, and financial stability.

Achieving COR signifies that companies have passed a rigorous management system audit, which includes reviewing documentation and records, employee training and communication, and internal review processes. These companies are also eligible for a 10% rebate on their previous year’s WorkSafeBC premiums.

As a certifying partner for the transportation, warehousing, and related sectors on behalf of WorkSafeBC, SafetyDriven plays a crucial role in the certification process. The COR program is voluntary and available to all employers in BC through their respective certifying partners. Employers interested in the COR program are encouraged to contact WorkSafeBC or SafetyDriven to determine eligibility.

In addition to the COR awards, SafetyDriven presented the Safety Leadership Award to companies and individuals who exhibited exceptional dedication to improving safety standards. These awards honour those who have gone above and beyond to foster a culture of safety within their organizations and contribute to broader industry-wide health and safety improvements. Recipients demonstrated outstanding leadership by implementing innovative safety practices, promoting continuous safety education, and actively engaging their teams in safety initiatives. The individual safety leadership award specifically recognizes those who have significantly contributed to their company’s health and safety programs through unwavering commitment and perseverance, setting a high standard for others to follow.

Darshan Gill, Safety Advisory Services Manager at SafetyDriven, expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity to work with these exemplary employers and to present them with these prestigious recognitions. “Our 2024 industry award winners have not only raised the bar for excellence in safety but have also shown remarkable dedication and commitment. Their pursuit of continuous improvement is truly inspiring, highlighting their focus on the well-being of their workers,” said Gill. “Their exceptional commitment underscores the critical importance of occupational health and safety, illustrating how it not only saves lives but also fosters a culture of excellence. Kudos to all the winners for their outstanding achievements and for leading the charge toward a safer future in the trucking, moving, and storage industries.”

SafetyDriven is proud to announce the following recipients for the awards below.

2023 COR Achievement of Excellence Award (Small Employer):

  • Action Environmental Services
  • JSOK Trucking Ltd.
  • PL Coast to Coast Trucking

2023 COR Achievement of Excellence Award (Large Employer):

  • GFL Environmental Inc.
  • Johnston Equipment – Also the recipient of the Best Overall Large Employer COR Award
  • Triple Eight Transport Inc.

Safety Leadership Award:

  • Growers Supply Co Ltd.
  • Parkland Corporation
  • Triple Eight Transport Inc.

Individual Safety Leadership Award:

  • Beant Brar from AKK Cargo & Earthmoving Ltd.
  • Grant Penn from Growers Supply Co Ltd.
  • Leanne Gustavson from JSOK Trucking Ltd.
  • Robert Dike from Triple Eight Transport Inc.

Congratulations to all the winners! Learn more about SafetyDriven’s COR Program here.

For more information on each of the winners, continue reading below.

Action Environmental Services

Action Environmental Services, based in Langley, BC, operates six trucks dedicated to roll on/roll off bin hauling throughout the province. By working closely with SafetyDriven’s Safety Advisory Services, they significantly improved their health and safety program, achieving a flawless score of 100% in their COR certification audit.

AKK Cargo and Earthmoving Ltd., based in Abbotsford, BC, are proudly COR certified. In a company with just two employees, they take great pride in providing On-Time, Dependable, and Secure transportation services. AKK Cargo and Earthmoving Limited specializes in expedited LTL and FTL service for shipments within British Columbia and provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.


GFL Environmental stands as North America’s only major diversified environmental services company, offering a comprehensive range of services in solid waste management, liquid waste management, and soil remediation. Demonstrating their unwavering commitment to safety, GFL underwent a rigorous audit covering 17 of their 48 facilities in BC, which included interviews with nearly 10% of their 1200+ employees. Central to GFL’s operations is their ‘Safe For Life’ culture, underscoring their dedication to the health and safety of every individual. With an impressive audit score of 95%, GFL has exemplified their commitment to maintaining high standards of health and safety.



Growers Supply Co Ltd.

Growers Supply Co. Ltd., supplying agricultural necessities in the Okanagan area for over 83 years, found a natural alignment with SafetyDriven, despite not traditionally being involved in trucking or moving services. Determined to be the first within their parent company’s portfolio to achieve COR certification, they worked closely with SafetyDriven to develop their program and prepare for the audit.

Johnston Equipment, the largest integrated material handling solutions provider in Canada, is deeply involved in any warehouse operation. Their BC location offers a wide range of services, including racking design, sales and service, warehouse automation, mobile equipment sales and service, rentals, parts, and financing. If it looks like a forklift and sounds like a forklift, Johnston Equipment is likely involved. Following 28 interviews and a comprehensive site tour of their BC location, they achieved an impressive score of 98.5%.


JSOK Trucking, headquartered in Armstrong, BC, specializes in providing essential trucking services for malting companies. Additionally, they efficiently manage back-hauling operations, transporting clay from California to BC. In 2023, JSOK Trucking partnered with SafetyDriven’s Safety Advisory Services to enhance their safety protocols. Through this collaboration, they developed and implemented a comprehensive safety program, culminating in the successful completion of their COR certification audit with an impeccable score of 100%.


Parkland Corporation, renowned as a prominent fuel distributor, marketer, and retailer across North America, is widely recognized for Chevron Commercial Cardlocks. Their local team deserves commendation for their proactive support of safety initiatives within the trucking industry and their invaluable assistance to SafetyDriven. In 2023, SafetyDriven engaged with over 2000 workers throughout BC and organized 49 Pop-up Safety Shops at various scales and card-locks. Parkland’s team played a pivotal role by hosting SafetyDriven’s inaugural public event near 200th and 96th, significantly enhancing SafetyDriven’s outreach efforts. Their  support has firmly established SafetyDriven as a trusted partner at Parkland Corporation’s locations.


PL Coast to Coast Trucking, a family-run company based in Langley, BC, operates with three dedicated employees and two owner-operators. Despite the challenges of managing a small business, including time constraints and a trip out of town, they began developing their safety program in late 2022. Their perseverance paid off when they submitted their COR audit in early 2023 and achieved a perfect score of 100%.



Triple Eight Transport, based in Abbotsford, BC, specializes in transporting temperature-sensitive products across Western Canada and the Western United States. They ensure the safe hauling of general freight, fresh produce, and refrigerated food. With a workforce of over 400 employees, Triple Eight Transport underwent a rigorous audit involving 58 interviews and site observations. Their exceptional performance earned them an impressive score of 98.1% on their initial certification audit, leading auditors to recommend them for an award.