Update to BC COR Program

SafetyDriven will keep working with stakeholders and clients during the COVID-19 crisis. WorkSafeBC has set up a plan for 2020 audits for clients who have achieved their Certificate of Recognition (COR) or are working toward it.

  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) for Audits in Progress
    For audits in progress now, follow COVID-19 best practices. That means you will stay 2 metres away from people (physical distancing). You will also make sure you always follow the guidelines for hygiene and washing your hands. There will be changes to operations because of COVID-19. Consider those changes to help you stay flexible while you conduct observations and interviews. You should still have access to documents and records because these changes should not affect document review.
  • COR Certifications that Expire on or Before August 31, 2020
    WorkSafeBC may grant audit waivers for certifications that will expire on or before August 31, 2020. Employers must contact SafetyDriven’s COR department to apply for this waiver.
  • COR Certifications that Expire Between September 01 and December 31, 2020
    WorkSafeBC has not announced any changes for certifications that will expire after September 01, 2020. We recommend that employers contact SafetyDriven or check with WorkSafeBC to find out about the latest updates. We will make adjustments as necessary.
  • Maintenance Audits (M1 and M2)
    Maintenance audits can be conducted at any time of year as long as they are completed before December 31. Consider scheduling your maintenance audit for the fall if it cannot be completed now because of safety or operational concerns.
  • Brand New Certification of BC Audits
    All new certifications must follow the standard processes and auditing requirements. For Employers seeking COR but are not able to follow the standard processes or to follow them safely, WorkSafeBC asks that employers put off new certification until they can safely meet the requirements.

SafetyDriven will continue to follow the advice of public health officials. We will provide updates based on their advice as well as information from WorkSafeBC’s COR Team.

SafetyDriven’s COR Department is available to answer your questions. Email us at COR@SafetyDriven.ca or call 1.877.414.8001 | 604.888.2242 and one of the COR team members will return your call.