Operation Protect launched by SafeCare BC to ensure urgently needed equipment and supplies are available for health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic

Personal protective equipment and products, such as N95-grade safety masks, gloves, gowns, and hand sanitizer, are urgently needed by health care workers, including those in BC’s continuing care sector.

Health care workers, including those working in long-term care homes, assisted living residences and home care, are the heroes in our communities. Demand for this equipment and supplies has skyrocketed at the same time supply chains have been cut, putting the health and safety of our health care workers and those they care for at risk.

Do you have any of these supplies? If you do, then your contribution can make a life-saving difference. We are reaching out to those who can contribute any of the following products:

• Exam gloves (FDA-approved)
• N95 masks (FDA-, NIOSH-, or CSA-approved)
• Surgical masks (FDA-approved)
• Hand sanitizer (60% alcohol or higher)
• Medical-grade disinfection wipes
• Protective gowns
• Eye protection

All contributions must be unused and unopened. We are not accepting any other items.

We are asking people to go to www.safecarebc.ca/operationprotect to learn what supplies are needed and how they can donate. The BC Care Providers Association is also rerouting their Route 65 toll-free number—1-877-955-6565—to help with this effort.

We must all work together and support each other during the COVID-19 crisis. Your contributions to this vital program will save lives.

SafeCare BC appreciates contributions from BC Care Providers Association, Big Steel Box, City of Vancouver, and the City of Surrey in the support of Operation Protect.

Thank you!