Managing The Multi-Generational Workforce

Date: October 28, 2020
Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: FREE

Event Description

This industry-based event looks at the health and safety challenges facing transportation companies, big and small, with a focus on building their optimal team. Examining a diverse workforce of new entrants and seasoned veterans, you will discover tricks and tools to engage all generations in a synergistic sharing of each other’s experiences.

Suitable for joint health and safety committee members, managers and supervisors, human resource professionals, safety coordinators, union safety officers, truck drivers, and workers.

Speakers & Sessions

Mike Harnett
Solaris Fatigue Management

Mike Harnett is President of Solaris Fatigue Management, a consulting firm that specializes in optimizing worker health, safety, and performance. An award-winning speaker, Mike is regarded as a subject matter expert on the science of fatigue and its impact on performance. She has been a consultant to various government agencies including the Canadian Standards Association, and NASA.

Watch Mike Harnett’s video wake up the crowd in Eyes Wide Shut, focusing on tactical strategies to combat fatigue at the front lines.

Norm Ralph
Apex Abilities

Norm Ralph, CRSP, CHSC, CDMP, has over 30 years experience in Occupational Health and Safety. Throughout his career, Norm has worked for large organizations in several industries.

His own company, Apex Abilities, provides education, training, and consulting services through customized Occupational Health and Safety programs and Occupational Wellness programs.

Watch Norm Ralph’s video as he leads viewers into The Aging Workforce exploring the benefits of attracting, hiring, and retaining older workers.

David Coletto
CEO & Founding Partner
Abacus Data

David Coletto, PhD, BPAPM, MA, is CEO and a founding partner of Abacus Data, a full-service market research and strategy firm based in Ottawa. With over a decade of experience in the industry

Watch David Coletto, millennial expert and keynote video share research from Trucking HR Canada on millennial perceptions of the trucking and logistics sector in his session Work and Leadership in the Millennial Age.